My mission is to inspire and teach people who stutter be truly present and enjoy speaking interaction. 


I'd love to share with you the best of what I know.



  • 3 elements of the effective strategy of getting free from stuttering
  • speaking exercises, including showing how to use the hand stuttering technique
  • downloadable video lessons to help you create your own practice routine
  • stuttering journey roadmap and more clarity about where you are in that journey
  • my practical suggestions regarding your best next step

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Your Roadmap

Learn how YOU can get free from stuttering.

“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” - Asian proverb

I know what it feels like. I began to stutter when I was 10.

Probably I had insecurities in my speech long before that but that’s the time when I got very self conscious about the problem and began to hide it.

At that age I fell off a tree which lead me to the brain injury and spending 3 months in hospital. That age I moved to another country with my parents which was quite stressful. Around that age I was bullied at school which accumulated a huge repressed emotion. My uncle stutters badly. My dad was very dominant and my mum was very sensitive. I inherited high sensitivity and holding back. So, heredity, neurology, psychology, concussions - I had pretty much all the causes we could imagine.  

But the truth is.. it is causing itself. Once it's formed it becomes an automated muscle and emotional memory reproducing itself. It's very strong and stable. 

And the heart of stuttering tension, stuttering state, and stuttering iceberg is helplessness in the face of speech impediments and negative feeling about it. 

Stuttering shame, desire to hide it, avoidance and holding back. 

That's what we want to change. We don't want stuttering hold us back in life.

I know what it takes to start feeling differently about speech impediments.

Yet, I've made all the mistakes I could make on the way. 

My love for discovery and teaching lead me to creating Free From Stutter Program where we change the attitude towards speaking interaction and target the whole speaking pattern rather than just the "stuttering part" of it. 

You can see the students of the program going live with introductions, discussions, and role-plays emulating public speaking environment each Saturday in Free From Stutter Facebook group.  

My mission and main goal is to structure our journey into feasible step-by-step process. 

It's still your journey but I'm here to help.

See you!



I want to share with you how you can start building your new speaking pattern.


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